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Dan Dawson’s Wine Advisor is your online guide to find the best wines from California and beyond, with an emphasis on small-production wines that over-deliver for the price. Wine ratings, reviews and recommendations are by Dan Dawson, long-time wine shop owner, wine buyer and sommelier in Napa Valley. Dan’s 26 years of wine-insider knowledge is here to help you buy, visit and taste like The Star You Are!


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The Value Rating:

Your Guide to Dan Dawson’s “Best Buys.”

How it Works...

Wine score (100 point system) divided by retail price, times its “Wine Factor” = VALUE RATING.

The higher the Value Rating, the better the value.

If you’re not into numbers, that's quite all right: Just look at the VALUE CATEGORY.

Best of the Best:

All wines reviewed in Dan Dawson’s Wine Advisor (DDWA) are highly recommended.

That said, if you want the VERY BEST wines for the money (in Dan’s opinion), look at the DDWA AWESOME and HALL of FAME Values.

This Month's List:

Local Focus

Tastings with the principals of COHO, FROG’S LEAP and Y. ROUSSEAU highlighted my preparation for the August "This Month’s List." All three of these make wines from the heart…Frog’s Leap focuses on elegance resulting in lower alcohol, Coho is classic Napa by showing complexity and power, Y Rousseau showcases his French upbringing.

Real my reviews of their wines along with my latest SUMMERTIME picks and much more.

This Month's List August 2018 42 Great Wine Picks