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DAVID CLINTON Zinfandel “Teldeschi” 2015

Deep dark cherries, a little jammy, black licorice and a whiff of Ruby Port introduce this bold, full-flavored David Clinton Zinfandel Teldeschi. In the mouth the liqueur-y fruit tasted darker and darker with air, moving to black cherry and blackberry after 30 minutes of “opening up.” More licorice, cracked black pepper, rocky earth and dark caramel/dark chocolate emerge. It’s a mouthful! Medium/light oak (American), firm tannins on the finish which lasts 20-25 seconds. I suspect this wine will evolve and improve a lot over the next year. More information Two Napans, first names David and Clinton, transformed their winemaking hobby […]

DAVID CLINTON Zinfandel “Mounts” 2015

Earthy spices and a sliver of umami inject themselves into the briary, ripe, potent fruit that comes natural to these 50 year old vines in western Dry Creek Valley. As for the fruit in the David Clinton Zinfandel Mounts, smell and taste pomegranate syrup, dark raspberries, blueberries and cherry liqueur. More complex and “serious” than the average Zin: dry aged beef, nori, black licorice, roast walnuts and black olive and roast black peppercorns make this a wine better suited with food than without. I recommend drinking the David Clinton “Teldeschi” 2015 with or without food and this “Mounts” definitely WITH […]

DAVID CLINTON Zinfandel “Teldeschi” 2016

Napa’s David Clinton Wine Cellars is a Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma Zinfandel house. Unique, and pretty darn cool. Their “Teldeschi” Zinfandel vines are up to 130 years old. What do you get with age? Think of it as rings on a tree, and each ring adds another smell or flavor. Vine age translates to wine complexity rather than concentration. What do 130 years of dirt time mean for David Clinton “Teldeschi” Zinfandel? Spice! Licorice, mint, black pepper, cumin, clove and espresso coat the brambly raspberries and blueberries. I know what you’re thinking: Do I have 120+ more descriptors to reach […]

David Clinton Zinfandel Teldeschi 2017

Exceptionally spicy from start to finish, the David Clinton Zinfandel “Teldeschi” comes from 130 year old vines on the Dry Creek Valley’s east side. Amaro, black licorice, black pepper and musk permeate the raspberry/cherry liqueur, wild strawberry and pomegranate fruitiness. Such spice, from black pepper to Moroccan spices to brown pie spices. Juicy, healthy and integrated tannins, refreshing acidity. So well put together. Love this Zin.  Aged in previously used American oak barrels, 15.2% alcohol. More information Two Napans, first names David and Clinton, transformed their winemaking hobby into a business in 2010 and have steadily improved the quality and […]

David Clinton Zinfandel Mounts 2017

The David Clinton Zinfandel “Mounts” 2017 is a warm, rich, cuddly wine full of cocoa, kirsch and pie spice flavors. It leads with fruitiness and the spice backs it up (their 2017 Teldeschi is the opposite – spice then fruit). It has soft tannins and pretty low acid, making it a particularly delicious now, ready to drink Zin. The cocoa and cinnamon toast flavors blossom on the finish. This is an easy wine to enjoy and understand. 15.4% alcohol, aged in all American oak, 25% new. More information Two Napans, first names David and Clinton, transformed their winemaking hobby into […]

Road Trip by Dan Dawson’s Wine Advisor

Share this page on:[socialpug_share]   Wish you could be a wine-tasting insider? You know, taste wine with the winemakers. Maybe a little barrel tasting. Really get to know the wine that’s in your glass. A little less wine country pomp and circumstance and more about the wine and the vineyard from which it comes. How would you like that? Here’s your chance. I often hit the wine road to taste, catch up with friends in the wine business and find new wines to recommend to the wine-world. I got to thinking the other day that my members would really enjoy […]

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This Month’s List – October 2018

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Wines for Thanksgiving and Beyond

This is Season 1, Chapter 7 of Dan The Wine Man, a feature written for The Napa Valley Register and other media outlets. My angles are 1) Anyone can drink unique, delicious wines and I’ll show you how, and 2)  I include guidance on how to find the wines I recommend. It’s 4-6 wines each time. Hope you like it and buy my picks! Here’s the article on NapaValleyRegister.com.  Wines for Thanksgiving and Beyond I get a kick out of seasonal wine recommendations. Wine stories titled “Perfect Wines For Thanksgiving” implies that these wines will never taste better than on […]