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BEHRENS “The Road Les Traveled 5”

A real waker-upper, the 5th incarnation of “The Road Les Traveled” is 74% Petite Sirah, 12% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Malbec and 4% Cabernet Franc. Made from 2013 and 2014 vintages. Prepare yourself for a small explosion of cocoa-covered blueberries plus black licorice and black pepper in the mouth. Subtle it is not. Less tannic (drying) than most super-powered Petite Sirahs, so the flavors keep on going (delicious, 20 second finish). This has bacon cheeseburger written all over it.   While Behrens Family Cabernets continue to climb the price ladder due to higher and higher Cabernet grape prices, they are able […]

BEHRENS FAMILY “Front Man” 2015

This Merlot-based red (86% Merlot, 14% Cab Sauv) is a broad-shouldered, hearty red wine…hardly what the majority of wine drinkers equate with Merlot. Black fruits, sweet spices like anise, clove and roasted cinnamon. Cocoa, mint and rosemary. It’s not shy on new, toasty oak yet it has an extreme concentration of fruit and glycerine to match the barrel. (The last statement can be made about every Behrens Family wine I can remember.)  

BEHRENS FAMILY “Head In The Clouds” 2016

Behrens Head In The Clouds is a big-impact, super-concentrated, party-in-the-mouth Napa Cab from a winery that has perfected this style over the last 30 years. My tasting notes include “black currants, dark chocolate, roast beef fat, crushed river rocks, so spicy, big impact in the mouth” and yes, “hedonistic!”  It is surprising, especially to Behrens Family themselves, that this 2016 is ready to drink, should you choose. While it’s youthful, it is cohesive and very enjoyable. This is a sure thing for all you lovers of big Napa reds. 84% Cab Sauv, 15% Petit Verdot.

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