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PESTONI Rose 2017

Made from 61% Sangiovese and 39% Merlot. Saignée method (juice bled off soon-to-be red wine). Pretty aromas of watermelon jolly rancher, fresh peaches, plums and lilacs. Taste is bright, refreshing and friendly: wild cherry, fresh watermelon, dark peach, strawberry and fruit blossoms. Sits lightly in the mouth but with delicious fruit flavors and texture. One of the best Napa Valley Rosés I’ve had. More Information The Pestoni Family proudly claim their 125 year history of grape growing and wine making in the Napa Valley. Andy and Shannon Pestoni have returned to the “family business” after selling their Jelly Jar label […]

PESTONI FAMILY Rose, Rutherford 2018

Merlot and Sangiovese from Pestoni’s vineyard between their winery and Highway 29 is the source for this dry, spicy Rosé wine. All saignée, which is surprising based on the peach skin color. Lite spice, fresh strawberries, blood orange, peppercorns, etc. You know, all the good Rosé smells and flavors. Very dry and nicely fruity too. This is sold exclusively at the winery from the tasting room and to Pestoni Family wine club members, so buy online or visit Pestoni Family’s winery & tasting room in Rutherford to get this. Andy Pestoni returned to the family business, Pestoni Estate (previously called […]

PESTONI Sangiovese 2017

Red snappy fruits, dusting of white pepper, crushed thyme leaves and tobacco leaf point to a very Italian-style of Sangiovese. Coming from the heart of Napa Valley, it’s a pleasant surprise. Fine tannins and healthy acidity, this is a food wine through and through. The wine’s 18 months in barrel (all French, small % new) adds structure while staying in the background in flavor. This is delicious outlier of a Napa Valley red wine to be enjoyed with red sauces, pork and chicken sausages and roast pork shoulder with root vegetables. Pestoni Sangiovese is sold exclusively at the winery from the […]

Road Trip by Dan Dawson’s Wine Advisor

Share this page on:[socialpug_share]   Wish you could be a wine-tasting insider? You know, taste wine with the winemakers. Maybe a little barrel tasting. Really get to know the wine that’s in your glass. A little less wine country pomp and circumstance and more about the wine and the vineyard from which it comes. How would you like that? Here’s your chance. I often hit the wine road to taste, catch up with friends in the wine business and find new wines to recommend to the wine-world. I got to thinking the other day that my members would really enjoy […]

Wine Tastings with Dan Dawson

Share this page on:[socialpug_share] The Age of Coronavirus has put a temporary hold on DDWA tasting events. As infection surges ebb and flow and we wonder about the future, so too do I wonder what form my tasting events will take. And when.  For the moment (mid June 2020) my tasting events at Napa Valley Wine Academy and Southside are not scheduled. How and where I will produce my events is not currently known. Winery-focused events are in the works, but it's impossible to know for sure that they can happen.  Below is a list of past and cancelled tasting […]

Dan The Wine Man – Picks from The Big Middle

This is Season 1, Chapter 4 of Dan The Wine Man, a feature written for The Napa Valley Register and other media outlets. My angle is that I include guidance on how to find the wines I recommend. It’s 4 wines each time. Hope you like it and buy my picks! Picks from “The Big Middle” Welcome back, wine lovers. Hello again, winers. I’m back to reinforce the fact that very good, interesting and reasonably priced local wines are easy for you to acquire. I’ve lived and worked with wine in Napa Valley since 1992 and I know the luxury […]

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