Lariveau Canon Fronsac
LARIVEAU Canon Fronsac 2012
February 20, 2018
Acchipicchia Rosso Conero
POLENTA Rosso Conero “Accipicchia” 2010
February 20, 2018

AGNES PAQUET   Auxey-Duresses 2015  

Retail Price: $39

Value Rating: 3.4

Wine Factor: 1.5
Date Posted: February 20, 2018
Cases Produced:

Scores & Value Ratings Explained

DDWA Score: 89.5

Very Good Value

Floral, bright red fruits from nose to finish distinguish this exceptional under $40 Cote de Beaune Bed Burgundy. The ripe 2015 vintage in Burgundy greatly benefits regions like Auxey-Duresses (which is above Meursault, up against the hill), which can struggle to ripen Pinot Noir perfectly. Medium body, a fine intensity and wonderfully aromatic, this slender but not gaunt beauty is very good now with ideal drinking starting in 2019 I’m guessing.

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