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Apsara Cellars  Special Discount for Members  15% off in February

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Date Posted: January 1, 2019
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Featured Story and Offer

Robin Akhurst, owner/winemaker of Apsara Cellars, has a great story. It begins in his homeland Scotland, “somming” in Edinburgh as he figured out what to do with his environmental science degree. Next stop: fine wine retail in London. Then New Zealand, his first stop on an international winemaking tour (and a degree in viticulture and enology). On to Barossa Valley Australia, Burgundy and then in 2009, Napa Valley. The adage “skill, hard work and persistence makes your luck” applies as his first stop in Napa was at Outpost Winery to work under Thomas Rivers Brown. Was there a better place to practice Napa Valley wines’ definition of power & grace winemaking? Probably not. Robin’s international winemaking travels were over. He found a home.

Today Robin is in year five as winemaker for Napa Valley stalwarts Clos Pegase and Swanson. He squeezes in time to own, make and run Apsara. All that, and he became a dad for the first time in December. Let’s assume he’s not winning any extended sleep contests these days.
When you meet Robin you’d think he’s a logic brain-iac, one who could wheel off mathematical equations and science formulas. His gifts, however, fall on the brain’s right side. Sensory, intuition, art and beauty. Every Apsara wine I’ve tasted is outstanding, and I think it’s because he can practically taste the wine we will enjoy before the grapes are off the vine. And not by numbers like brix and pH, but through the senses. This ties into the name Apsara, a personification of balance, purity and expression. It’s a Sanskrit word relating to dance. I now relate it to winemaking and wine.

The Apsara Cellars wines marry delicious and distinctive. They belong in your weekend-wine stash to share with good friends and food. They are under-priced in their category, topping out at $80 for the awesome “Amoenus Vineyard” Cabernet Sauvignon. Case production is microscopic at 50 to 110 cases per.

There are four Apsara wines in this offer. All are available for purchase at ApsaraCellars.com. 3-tier pricing: full price, readers’ discount, members’ discount. Readers’ (i.e. non-Members) discount code are posted with each wine below. If you’re a DDWA Member, email me and I’ll send you the 15% off discount codes. Member or not, if you any questions on what or how to order, email me. Happy to help. For example, Apsara has you create an account as the first step of the check-out process. It’s easy – I did it in a flash, no problem.


The Apsara Offer

APSARA Sauvignon Blanc “Kick Ranch” 2016
At $26/bottle this earns my highest value award Hall of Fame Value. Your price is less. 
Readers’ 5% discount code: DDWA
15% off for DDWA Members (ask for code).
There’s an even deeper 6 bottle price. Contact me for info.

APSARA Chardonnay, Oakville 2016
Rich with balance. A little something for every wine lover here. I thought the numbers were transposed when I first saw the price: $34/bottle, a Great Value.
Readers’ 5% discount code: DDWA
15% off for DDWA Members (ask me for code).

APSARA Syrah “Las Madres” 2015
At $36/bottle a Great Value.
Readers’ 5% discount code: DDWA
15% off for DDWA Members (ask me for code)

APSARA Cabernet Sauvignon “Amoenus” 2014
Ridiculously good single-vineyard Napa Cabernet.
$80 full price at ApsaraCellars.com.
Readers’ 5% discount ($76/bottle):  DDWA
15% off for DDWA Members (ask me for code). 


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