Aubry Champagne Brut
Brut, Premier Cru

Aubry Champagne Brut

Brut, Premier Cru
Aubry Champ Brut
Retail Price: $43
DDWA Score: 89
Value Rating: 4.1
Awesome Value
Wine Factor: 2
Date Posted: December 3, 2021

A front-row recommendation for sub-$50, grower Champagne, this “entry level” wine from Aubry is full of pleasure. For the location (Montagne de Reims) and cuvée (55% Pinot Meunier, 25% Chardonnay, 20% Pinot Noir) you’d expect a darker, denser style of bubbles. Actually, what you get is crisp, cool Granny Smith apples, myriad citrus flavors, a little pear and THEN some pie crust, spice and Fino Sherry notes (coming from the reserve wine, a perpetual stash started in 1998). If you, like me, like variety in your non-vintage Champagne selection, put the Aubry Champagne Brut in your “CRISPER” section.

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