B Kosuge Pinot Noir The Shop 2015
“The Shop” Carneros 2015

B Kosuge Pinot Noir The Shop 2015

“The Shop” Carneros 2015
Kosuge Pinot Noir The Shop
Retail Price: $35
DDWA Score: 91
Value Rating: 5.2
Hall of Fame Value
Wine Factor: 2
Date Posted: November 3, 2019
Where to Buy:
B Kosuge Wines

From a single vineyard in the Carneros, Napa Valley side (although the label states simply Carneros). Like the best 2015 North Coast Pinot Noirs, this is full of dark cherry and wild raspberry fruits plus alluring aromas of dried, potent red rose petals, dried violets and ginger paste. I like how exuberant in flavors this wine is while keeping all its balance and brightness. Mouth-coating texture, soft and present tannins, more bright strong red fruits and flowers on the finish. Super-solid wine. If $30-$35 is in your comfort zone for every night Pinot, get a case of this!

Byron (B) Kosuge is one of California’s most reliable producers of Pinot Noirs. They’re always true to their place (he makes multiple single vineyard Pinot Noirs) and most tasty. More often than not they come in under 14% alcohol, which I note because the Kosuge Pinot textures and fruit flavors often point to 14%+. “The Shop” 2015, for example, is 13.4%. What a nice surprise.

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