BARBADILLO Pedro Ximenez Sherry “La Cilla”
Pedro Ximenez Sherry “La Cilla”

BARBADILLO Pedro Ximenez Sherry “La Cilla”

Pedro Ximenez Sherry “La Cilla”
Barbadillo PX Cilla
Retail Price: $32
DDWA Score: 90
Value Rating: 4.2
Great Value
Wine Factor: 1.5
Date Posted: October 3, 2018
Where to Buy:

Dynamite “PX” Sherry. Candied orange, dark honey, caramel, stewed and spiced apple. Super sweet, seductive, buttery and just plain yummy. Obviously, this is for dessert wine lovers. I deny those who eschew dessert wines to not enjoy this. For what you get, $32/bottle is a screaming-good deal.


Barbadillo is a big operation with many arms (different wines and labels, including private label wines) but you don’t see too often in the U.S., especially in California. While it’s very popular in Spain, Japan, the U.K and Belgium particularly, the U.S. is not “hip” to Sherry in general. The myriad styles and understanding of each merits a semester-long class, which is part of the issue. What other wine region can lay claim to both “Granny sippers” and millennial wine geeks and mixologists as key customers? It would be a better world if more of us appreciated good, and great value, Sherry like Barbadillo PX La Cilla.

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