BERNARD-BONIN Meursault Tillets 15
“Les Tillets” 2015

BERNARD-BONIN Meursault Tillets 15

“Les Tillets” 2015
Bernard Bonin Meursault
Retail Price: $68
DDWA Score: 92.5
Value Rating: 2.7
Good Value
Wine Factor: 2
Date Posted: September 29, 2022

Husband-wife owned & run, tiny, artisan Meursault house. “Les Tillets,” a village vineyard above the town, is worthy of Premier Cru status (as are many Meursault vineyards). Drink this and understand the power and persistence White Burgundy can offer. Get lemon zest, dried pineapple, apple butter, hard caramel candies and that mysterious, old world rocky/earthy flavor. Long and strong finish. Surprisingly good now for such a young White Burgundy. Will evolve and drink at its very best starting in 2022 I’m guessing.

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