Best of the Best

“I know they’re all good, Dan. But tell me: What’s REALLY good?”

Over the 25 years as a fine wine merchant, if I heard that once I heard it a million times. It’s natural, I know, to want the wines that rise head & shoulders above the rest. EVEN THOUGH we all know this is an impossible request because wine preferences are subjective. “Give me the best” is a game played by supplier and consumer. And why not? Wine is supposed to be fun and games, right?

So then, I present to you the Dan Dawson Wine Advisor “Best of the Best” list. These are the wines whose Value Ratings are 4.5 or higher, making them AWESOME Values (Value Rating 4.5 to 4.9) or HALL of FAME Values (Value Rating 5 and higher). Link over to my tasting notes on each just to make sure this is a wine for your palate. Good luck finding these!