BIRICHINO Pinot Noir “Antle Vineyard” 2014
“Antle Vineyard” Chalone 2014

BIRICHINO Pinot Noir “Antle Vineyard” 2014

“Antle Vineyard” Chalone 2014
Birichino Pinot Noir Antle
Retail Price: $40
DDWA Score: 89
Value Rating: 4.4
Great Value
Wine Factor: 2
Date Posted: October 7, 2022
Where to Buy: Contact the winery or

A dark cherry hard candy nose with bits of fresh violets and cremini mushroom is your introduction. In the mouth get dark red cherries, a little cranberry, allspice and mountain forest. I really like this wines concentration of fruit with a definitive flavor of the land that comes from the limestone soils and elevation of Chalone.
“Antle” is up near the Pinnacles National Monument, 1800 feet elevation, inland from Monterey County. Chalone Winery made the wines from the appellation of the same name famous back in the day. Now, micro-wineries like Birichino are making the most special wines from here.

About Birichino

Birichino is co-owned and co-made by Alex Krause and John Locke. Their vineyard sources are tucked away in some of California’s lesser-known, great areas that all have a storied history of winegrowing. Alex and John are into minimal intervention as long as it doesn’t compromise the health and deliciousness of the wine. Also, ALL of their wines are ridiculously good values. They recently opened a tasting room in Downtown Santa Cruz (I visited it in February-great little place, and they both work behind the bar when it’s not harvest time). Pay them a visit (open Thursday thru Sunday currently).
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