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January 8, 2019
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Benevolent Neglect GSM 2016
January 9, 2019
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BLACKSMITH Cabernet Sauvignon “C.L.R.T.” 2016

Blacksmith CLRT Cabernet

This DDWA Great-Value red boasts spot-on Napa Cab smells and flavors of dark red cherry liqueur, vanilla, toasty barrel, cocoa and boysenberry. Its fine tannins and healthy thread of acidity make it an outstanding match with red meats and well-seasoned, protein heavy dishes. In the ever-escalating price of Napa Valley Cabernet, a quality one for $25 (or less!) is harder and harder to find. If you love to have Napa Cabernet around the house for casual drinking, I suggest you buy a case of this.

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Winemaker Matt Smith is based in Alameda on the San Francisco Bay. His wines are always well-made, delicious and distinctive for the price. If you had $500 to spend on a variety of good, artisan California wine and could only buy from one winery, I’d suggest Blacksmith Wines to maximize your $500.

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