BLUET Wild Blueberry Sparkling Wine
Made in Maine
Charmat Method

BLUET Wild Blueberry Sparkling Wine

Made in Maine
Charmat Method
Bluet Wild Blueberry Sparkling Wine
Retail Price: $20
DDWA Score: 88
Value Rating: 4.4
Great Value
Wine Factor: 1
Date Posted: October 2, 2022
Where to Buy:
Bluet Winery

The first time you try the Bluet you will probably be surprised. I, for one, didn’t know what to expect and was still surprised.
Very aromatic, but it doesn’t shout out blueberries. I get cranberries, violets, black pepper and dark plum smells as much as blueberry. Ditto on the taste and it’s high acid and very, very dry. (It is fermented dry and 7% alcohol, which translates to tangy wine regardless of the fruit used.) The sparkling softens the acidity just like in “normal” grape sparkling. This is not to drink solo (as in without food) as it’s too dry and aggressive-tasting for that. Try it with salami/salume, sausage & peppers, kraut dog and wherever else your imagination takes you.

Notes from Bluet

“The native Maine wild blueberry grows on the acidic, gravelly soils that were deposited by glaciers after the last ice age. Appearing from mid-coast to Down East in dense short thickets, wild blueberries are tiny, dark, and more flavorful than the big berries you find at your grocery store. Not surprisingly, wild blueberries possess twice the anti-oxidant effects of those hybrid blueberries. With two pounds pressed to make every bottle, Bluet is a naturally healthful and pure wine.

“A chilled glass of Bluet makes a fine dry apéritif on its own but as the foundation of a sparkling cocktail, Bluet has an affinity for a variety of ingredients. Try Bluet with a splash of triple sec over crushed ice and a sprig of mint, or give it an old-fashioned treatment with rye whiskey, simple syrup and bitters. If you can get your hands on some mead, pour over ice, squash a lemon and float Bluet on top for a perfect peak-of-summer drink.”

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