CAMPESINO Alina White 2016
“Alina” White Wine
Sonoma Valley 2016

CAMPESINO Alina White 2016

“Alina” White Wine
Sonoma Valley 2016
Campesino Alina 2016
Retail Price: $28
DDWA Score: 90.5
Value Rating: 4.8
Awesome Value
Wine Factor: 1.5
Date Posted: December 16, 2018
Where to Buy:
Campesino Cellars

Equal parts Marsanne and Rousanne, making it a “Northern Rhone Valley-style white wine.” Really pretty smells and flavors of citrus blossoms, melons, apricots, pineapple, lemongrass and honeysuckle. It’s bright and lively with moderate alcohol and a fresh, crisp finish. For this category of wine (Rhone-style white) this is particularly versatile with food. Campesino Alina is an awesome buy for $28.

More Information

Campesino Cellars is owned and made by husband/wife Griselda and Macario Montoya (Macario is the winemaker). They honor their Mexican heritage by naming their winery in honor of the Campesinos, the field workers (most of whom are Mexican) who tend to the majority of the vines in California Wine Country. The hands on their Syrah label are those of Griselda’s father Pablo Ceja, a career Campesino. The drawing is the work of Macario’s brother, Maceo Montoya. As you can see, Campesino Cellars is an extended family affair!

The wines, all Rhone-style, i.e. made from grapes of Rhone Valley, France origin, are consistently delicious, distinctive and fairly priced. They are “California style” wines made from cooler-climate grapes, thus paying heed to old-world wines. Best of both wine-worlds. Check out all the Campesino Cellars I’ve reviewed here.


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