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You know it. I know it. November means it’s time to think about the holidays. When it comes to wine and the holidays, it means one of these things: gifts, party wines, a special bottle to drink now or Champagne & other sparkling wines. I’m here today to cover the last one.

Wine importers have lately been pouring folks like me their best Champagnes and sparkling wines with hopes of getting them into your mouths over the holidays. I’ve tasted my fair share of sparkling wines, mostly Champagne, over the last month and have put together a solid list of recommendations for you. 27 wines at the moment (November 1) and growing as I taste and “discover” more Champagnes I want you to drink.

Free wine advice from a former Napa wine shop owner & sommelier

Why trust and use my Champagne picks? Glad you asked. It’s a given that I’ve tasted everything I’ve reviewed and rated. Going beyond “this is really good,” I also tell you about the style of the Champagne/Sparkling. Some are dryer, some fruitier, some more austere. I tell you, or at least try to, which style each Champagne is, or what type of Champagne drinker should buy it. In conjunction, I often write something like, “this is the perfect wine for you if you like (blank).” Because, you know, it depends on what you like and what you’re doing with it.

For one-on-one help in finding the best Champagnes/Sparklings for your needs, you just need to do two things: Become a DDWA Member ($5.95/month or $60/year) and ask me. Happy to help.

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Before you check out my Champagne/Sparkling picks, a few relevant thoughts.