DIRTY & ROWDY Familiar Mourvedre 2018
“Familiar” Mourvedre
California 2018

DIRTY & ROWDY Familiar Mourvedre 2018

“Familiar” Mourvedre
California 2018
Dirty & Rowdy Familiar
Retail Price: $33
DDWA Score: 91
Value Rating: 4.1
Great Value
Wine Factor: 1.5
Date Posted: October 7, 2022
Cases Produced: 700
Where to Buy:
Dirty & Rowdy

A bottle of Dirty & Rowdy Mourvèdre is a look into the future of California winemaking. A champion of the grape, co-owner and winemaker Hardy Wallace has put the grape on his shoulders and introduced it to the next generation of wine lovers through his engaging use of social media. “Familiar” Mourvèdre tastes like ripe smoky raspberries and dry French herbs. Lightness a la Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir. Hardy says it’s “like yacht rock for space pirates.” Funny, I was thinking the exact same thing! I haven’t nailed down my perfect food pairing but it includes roasted eggplant and cremini mushrooms.

Buy Dirty & Rowdy Familiar Mourvedre 2018 directly from Dirty & Rowdy. When you do, you’ll probably hear from Hardy Wallace (even during harvest – because if you don’t take care of your customers…). Ground shipping is free with the purchase of 6 or more bottles and local pick up is not currently offered. The Dirty & Rowdy folks spin enough plates as it is so hand over distribution to their shipper. Buy at least six bottles so you don’t pay for shipping.

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