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ÉLEVÉ Cabernet Sauvignon “Dust to Dust” Napa Valley 2012

Eleve Cabernet Dust to Dust, Bella Oaks

A classic “over the top” Napa Cabernet from a vintage that lends itself to such a style. Get blackberry liqueur, melted fudge, vanilla bean and espresso. A thick frame of oak, gentle tannins and low acid…this is a hedonist’s delight. What’s particularly appealing here is most wineries will release a Cab of this style and put a $100+ price tag on it. Not the case here, even though there’s so little made!

This is a wine from Adam Webb, owner of the labels Cochon, Odisea and Gardienne des Vignes. This is a one-time only release as it’s the only year he got fruit from the famous “Bella Oaks.” This would partly explain the very reasonable $60 price tag.

I highly recommend you get to know the three labels under the Cochon “umbrella.” They are Cochon, Odisea and Élevé. They are all made by, and co-owned by, Adam Webb. The number of wines they make is too long to list (I count 19 wines on a current tasting sheet from their wine bar). While I think the number of wines could be decreased to improve brand focus (Adam agrees and is trying to cut a few labels), I’m impressed that wine quality doesn’t seem to suffer because of this. Anyway, take a look at Cochon website and make a trip to Sonoma to taste in their wine bar. Speaking of which…

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