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Hop in and take a ride to Flavor Mountain, where everything’s delicious and the recommendations are free.

Brought to you by Dan Dawson’s Wine Advisor.

Hi friends, this is Dan Dawson.
You may know about my professional background as a Napa Valley wine merchant, sommelier and writer. You may know about new venture, Dan Dawson's Wine Advisor, and my monthly wine recommendations that emphasize particularly good values.

Did you know this? A membership to Dan Dawson's Wine Advisor costs a little, but the return in wine discounts and comped wine-tastings dwarfs the membership fee. Truly, take advantage of just HALF the savings opportunities and you'll be $500 in the black in no time. Honest - I'll show you the math.

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All the best, Dan Dawson.
Dan Dawson’s Wine Advisor.

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