FORTUNATI Rosé “Pranzo” 2017
“Estate” Oak Knoll District
Napa Valley 2017

FORTUNATI Rosé “Pranzo” 2017

“Estate” Oak Knoll District
Napa Valley 2017
Fortunati Rose
Retail Price: $26
DDWA Score: 88
Value Rating: 3.4
Very Good Value
Wine Factor: 1
Date Posted: May 1, 2018
Where to Buy:
Fortunati Vineyards

Made from 100% Syrah from Fortunati’s “Estate” vineyard in owner/winemaker Ellen and Gary Luchtel’s backyard. (Gary makes the wine.) A “purposeful Rosé.” Smell and taste black pepper, ripe red plums, fresh blue and raspberry, touch of lavender and coriander. I really like the slightly chewy texture while staying super-fresh and tangy. Fortunati nailed it for flavor, acidity, texture and dryness. This is my garlic/herb marinated, grilled chicken wine for the summer.

“I let more grapes grow on the Syrah vines I used to make the Rosé,” Gary explains. “I get ideal hang-time so the grapes develop really good flavors. But the sugars stay low and I get a mid 12% alcohol, Dry Rosé.” 

About Fortunati

Gary and Ellen Luchtel planted Fortunati Vineyards in the early 2000s and launched the brand a few years later. Most of their wines are estate fruit from their 10+ acres in the Oak Knoll District (everything except Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Zinfandel). Gary is a self-taught winemaker, graduating from home-winemaking when he started Surh-Luchtel Cellars in the 1990s. Fortunati is 100% Direct to Consumer. If you visit and taste with Gary and/or Ellen, you will undoubtedly walk away with a case or two of their small production wines. Check out all the Fortunati Wines we recommend here.

The name Fortunati is derived from a combination of Ellen’s Italian heritage and Gary’s nick name, Lucky.


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