FRANCOISE BEDEL Champagne Origin’elle
“Origin’elle” Extra Brut

FRANCOISE BEDEL Champagne Origin’elle

“Origin’elle” Extra Brut
Francoise Bedel Champagne Origin'elle
Retail Price: $50
DDWA Score: 91.5
Value Rating: 3.7
Great Value
Wine Factor: 2
Date Posted: October 5, 2022
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Friendly aromas of ripe peach & apple plus cooked cream and pie crust. The taste is more crisp and dry than the nose suggests. Get red plums, citrus and quince. Then on the finish it gets rich again! Round texture, wheat toast, dry herbs come to mind. I like how this $50 Champagne is an adventure as well as a delicious drink! The comment below re. letting it breathe may change the crisp palate into something richer. Blend is 75% Pinot Meunier, 15% Chardonnay, 10% Pinot Noir. Aged 3 years en tirage. A very low 3.6 G/Liter dosage. Francoise Bedel Champagne Origin’elle is an outstanding bottle for $50!

More Information

I’ve found a new favorite Champagne producer. Francoise Bedel is on the western edge of Champagne, just 60 miles from Paris. Their wines are predominantly Pinot Meunier. Farming is certified biodynamic on clay with limestone soils. Wines are aged en tirage for longer than average: 5-8 years is common. Low dosage is common. Their importer comments that the Bedel Champagnes need to breathe to shine. While I did not have the time to experience them “opening up,” I can see what he means. I loved the wines just-opened. Can only imaging what they’d be like after a stretch.

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