GADAIS Muscadet 2016
Sèvre et Maine, Sur Lie 2016

GADAIS Muscadet 2016

Sèvre et Maine, Sur Lie 2016
Gadais Muscadet 16
Retail Price: $14
DDWA Score: 87
Value Rating: 3.1
Very Good Value
Wine Factor: 0.5
Date Posted: October 4, 2022
Where to Buy:

What a delight to taste the Gadais Muscadet for the first time recently! Lemon zest, lemon cucumber and sea air nose. Taste fresh citrus, sea air, Macintosh apple skin and ripe grapefruit. Finish is an “of the earth” sensation of crushed sea shells and chalk dust. I could drink this all day.

Muscadet: western Loire Valley wine appellation, known for their high-acid, crisp and crunch white wines. The grape here is Melon de Bourgogne. This is a common white wine poured in French bistros because it’s relatively inexpensive, great with fish and fried foods, and not a wine to overwhelm the food or conversations. For all Loire Valley wines recommended on DDWA, click here.

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