SCHLOSS GOBELSURG Riesling Zobing 2016
“Zobing” Kamptal 2016

SCHLOSS GOBELSURG Riesling Zobing 2016

“Zobing” Kamptal 2016
Schloss Gobelsburg Riesling
Retail Price: $31
DDWA Score: 88.5
Value Rating: 2.9
Good Value
Wine Factor: 1
Date Posted: October 5, 2022

An outstanding introduction, aka entry-level, wine from Schloss Gobelsburg winery. From vineyards in the village of Zobing, in the heart of the Kremstal wine region. This has a pure, crisp, citrus and green apple skin, petrol-laced aroma that is classic for dry Riesling. Lean and muscular throughout yet not lacking for flavor nor intensity. A slightly oily texture and a mouthful-of-pebbles earthiness continue it’s very (dry) Riesling theme. If you like high acid wines with less fruity character, this wine is for you.

Terry Theise on the Schloss Gobelsburg Riesling Zobing 2016: “There’s a spring-onion sweetness; intricate and sapid green and savory; exotic saltiness and a refined minty finale.”

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