GOBELSBURG Rosé “Cistercian” 2017
“Cistercian” Osterreich 2017

GOBELSBURG Rosé “Cistercian” 2017

“Cistercian” Osterreich 2017
Gobelsburg Rose
Retail Price: $18
DDWA Score: 89
Value Rating: 4.9
Awesome Value
Wine Factor: 1
Date Posted: March 5, 2018
Where to Buy:

Zweigelt and St Laurent, two red grapes most associated with Austria, make this delicious Rosé wine. Smell and taste red plums, raspberries, blood orange, cracked pepper and basil. Dry as can be, a sizzle of acidity, both refreshing and substantial. This winner is a bargain amongst bargains.

Schloss Gobelsburg continues to be one of Austria’s best and best-knows top tier wineries. You are assured to have a good wine in your hands if it’s from Gobelsburg. Good news is that their wines are quite available in California.

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