HENDRY VINEYARD Primitivo 2018
“Hendry Vineyard”
Napa Valley 2018

HENDRY VINEYARD Primitivo 2018

“Hendry Vineyard”
Napa Valley 2018
Hendry Primitivo 2018
Retail Price: $38
DDWA Score: 90
Value Rating: 3.6
Great Value
Wine Factor: 1.5
Date Posted: March 3, 2022
Cases Produced: 907

Primitivo, the Zinfandel doppelganger, unless you disagree. Primitivo vs Zinfandel is one of those subjects that makes wine fascinating to some, frustrating for others and confusing for the rest that give a damn about it. Here’s a great lesson on the subject.

Smells fresh and perky, like fresh raspberries in balsamic vinegar. I think of blueberries and plums as I drink. Again I think perky as the wine’s acidity lifts up the tasty flavors. Sort of spicy (black pepper) and herbal (dried oregano maybe?). It all works together. Good drinking in all sorts of situations. You can catch me drinking a glass with a slice or two of sausage & mushroom pizza.

Hendry Ranch offers up as much information on their wines as any winery I know. Have a look as you buy.

Great deal on Hendry Primitivo at the online retailer VINFORMANT at the moment (written 3/3/22). $32/bottle (& killer shipping rates). Check ’em out.

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