HIRSCH Riesling “Zobing” Kamptal 2013
“Zobing” Kamptal 2013

HIRSCH Riesling “Zobing” Kamptal 2013

“Zobing” Kamptal 2013
Hirsch Riesling Zobing
Retail Price: $24
DDWA Score: 88
Value Rating: 3.7
Great Value
Wine Factor: 1
Date Posted: December 3, 2018
Where to Buy:

The racy acidity, intensity and of-the-earth, rocky flavor of Riesling shines through in this delicious, great value Austrian Riesling. Fruit comes from terraced, rocky vineyards in the Kamptal region, part of Austria’s top winegrowing area (along with the Wachau and Kremstal). This is loaded with smells and flavors of citrus, stone fruits, white flowers and rocks! Very dry, laser-like and intense, this shows what Austria can do with Riesling, and at a fantastic price.

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