HOGWASH Rosé 2017
California 2017

HOGWASH Rosé 2017

California 2017
Hogwash Rose
Retail Price: $18
DDWA Score: 87
Value Rating: 2.4
Good Value
Wine Factor: 0.5
Date Posted: October 7, 2022

Made with all Grenache from Sacremento Delta and Lodi vineyards. Grenache’s strawberry, watermelon and light spice nose is here in spades. Same fruit flavors with a suggestion of cotton candy and Jolly Rancher (without the sugar sensation-this is dry). The finish is quick and pleasant in its lightness (could use a little more finish, to be honest). This is solid, well-made Rosé with balanced acidity (zippy but not tart) that anyone will happily drink.


Consistently delicious, and one of the best Rosé wines that is readily available in California. Hogwash is owned by Tuck Beckstoffer, who has a handful of smaller producers under his umbrella. 

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