La Bruja de Rozas
COMANDO G La Bruja de Rozas 2016
May 17, 2018
Le Cupole Trinoro
Trinoro “Le Cupole” Rosso 2015
May 19, 2018
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J. RICKARDS Cabernet Sauvignon “A.V. Select” 2016

J Rickards Cabernet AV Select

An extrovert of a Cabernet, the J Rickards “AV Select” Cabernet is full of black cherry liqueur, ripe blackberries, toasty oak, espresso and mint smells and flavors. Rich, mouth-filling, juicy and strong but not at all tannic, this sexy, simple, full-flavored Cabernet hits the bold style it’s going for bulls-eye. If I owned a steak-house restaurant, I would buy as much as I could of this Cab and pour it by the glass.

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A northern Alexander Valley vineyard and winery near Cloverdale, J Rickards has consistently impressed me for their high quality and fair prices. Their business model lines up to be able to produce outstanding, great value wines: they own and grow their grapes, sell most of them to acclaimed wineries, keep enough to make around 5000 cases. If you like delicious, rich, California-style wines, I highly recommend you check out J. Rickards.

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