Navarro Zinfandel
NAVARRO Zinfandel “Old Vine Cuvee” 2017
November 8, 2019
Navarro Vineyard
A Great Case of Navarro Wine
November 11, 2019

JOLIE LAIDE Trousseau Gris  "Fanucchi-Wood Road Vineyard"  Russian River Valley 2018

Jolie Laide Trousseau Gris

Retail Price: $30

Value Rating: 3

Wine Factor: 1
Date Posted: November 8, 2019
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Scores & Value Ratings Explained

DDWA Score: 91

Very Good Value

Subtle yet obvious aromas of jasmine, honeysuckle, honeydew melon and Meyer lemons. All this continues on in the taste along with some peaches and white pepper. High acidity makes it almost tangy, lots of fresh-cut melons and pear-apple (papple). Restrained right now. I think the fruit/floral/spice trinity will come forward over the short term, like by spring of 2020. I’ve enjoyed this wine since its first vintage in the early 2010s. This is the first one I have found to be wound up upon release. Goes to show that this is not a cookie-cutter wine, but one that the vintage determines its character and evolution.


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