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November 13, 2019
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JOLIE LAIDE Trousseau Noir,  Poulsard, Gamay, Valdiguie  California 2018

Jolie Laide Mele Red Wine

Retail Price: $30

Value Rating: 3

Wine Factor: 1
Date Posted: November 12, 2019
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DDWA Score: 90

Very Good Value

Bright, very aromatic, fresh red wine, skillfully blended to add layers of flavors and textures. On the bright red spectrum of flavors: pomegranate, raspberries, cranberry and cherry. On the savory side, get crushed garden thyme, green tea, white pepper and bay leaf. Light bodied, high intensity, long mineral-driven finish. I’ve tasted this once so far, without the pleasure of food to accompany. I will fix this in the near future – probably on Thanksgiving.


Following was taken from the Jolie-Laide website: 
“Likely the most ‘Outr√© Vin’ in the lineup, a vinous Californian pastiche inspired by our reverence of the wines of the French Alps- Trousseau Noir, Poulsard, Gamay Noir, and yes (untraditionally) some old vine Valdiguie as well. An infinitesimal amount of these varieties are planted on these shores, but we are hoping to be a part of the movement shifting that paradigm.

“Emerging from several risk-taking vineyards dotted abound Northern California this takes a general California wine designation, but be clear, you would not blind this as ‘California.’ Fermented partially carbonic for brightness and all whole cluster adding to the complex spice aromas. Delicate and lean, mineral-driven, tart pomegranate and raspberry scented with incense and tobacco.

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