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ANNE AMIE Pinot Noir “Winemaker’s” 2016
August 19, 2018
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CUVAISON Pinot Noir “Mariafeld” 2016
August 20, 2018

JonEVino St. Laurent  "Dale Ricci Vineyard" Los Carneros  Sonoma County 2015

JonEVino St Laurent 2015

Retail Price: $30

Value Rating: 3

Wine Factor: 1
Date Posted: August 19, 2018
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Scores & Value Ratings Explained

DDWA Score: 88.5

Very Good Value

The St Laurent grape, “its origins shrouded in mystery” is widely planted in Eastern Europe (especially the Czech Republic and Austria). Jon Engelskirger, aka JonEVino, makes a tasty and honest example from the first plantings of the grape in Sonoma-Carneros. Smell and taste blueberries, violets, lightly smoked sausage, white pepper, cranberry sauce and rosemary in the JonEVino St Laurent. As the wine opens up the fruit flavors blossom, putting the smoke & spice and such in the background. Acidity: medium-high. Tannins: low, but definitely there. I’ve been looking online for ways to help you relate to this wine. One I like is “St Laurent is like the kinky cousin of Pinot Noir.” More wild and ready to party than Pinot.

Great food wine-super versatile. For inspiration, try it with dried sheep milk cheese (Pecorino, good Manchego), roast chili peppers, bacon and grilled oysters (the oysters are one of Jon’s favorite matches).

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