Good chance this is an addition to your mental grape encyclopedia. It was for me when I tasted this earlier this year. Ciliegiolo is found in Tuscany and Umbria, central Italy. Keep found a plot of it growing in Lodi and think it is the only Ciliegiolo growing in California. The name translated to “little cherry” and I can see why. Lots of wild cherry flavor, and along for the ride get fresh red roses, lavender (it’s very floral!), and a wild Mediterranean spice/red fruit flavor that I can’t put my finger on. Medium acidity and Keep-typical modest alcohol (12.5%). Fun wine, and priced surprisingly low for the quality, uniqueness and rarity.

More Information

KEEP is an up-and-coming, husband & wife made/operated tiny winery based in Napa. They squeeze in the time for their own brand while keeping their day jobs. Jack and Johanna both have wine-making experience past and present (Jack is Assistant Winemaker at Matthiasson Winery) so they make the KEEP wines, and manage their vineyard sources, as a team. The wines are typically 12-mid 13% alcohol, have healthy acidities and minimal sulphur additions. They make myriad intriguing, delicious wines, each laced with an element of mystery (the grape, place, style) that makes wine exciting. I recommend them all.

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