KEEP “Delta White” 2018
Cortese & Falanghina
“Lost Slough Vineyard” 2018

KEEP “Delta White” 2018

Cortese & Falanghina
“Lost Slough Vineyard” 2018
Keep Delta White
Retail Price: $22
DDWA Score: 90
Value Rating: 4.1
Great Value
Wine Factor: 1
Date Posted: July 8, 2019
Cases Produced: 225
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Cortese and Falanghina: two grapes of Italian origin (Cortese in Piedmont-northern Italy, Falanghina in Campania-southern Italy). They are two of the many lesser-known (you could say esoteric) grapes grown at “Lost Slough Vineyard” outside the town of Rio Vista (on Highway 12 west of Lodi). Made to drink young and bright like a lot of California wines…Rosé and Sauvignon Blanc two leaders in this category. The “Delta White” takes a turn from the norm, aiming for an old world, traditional Italian style of less fresh fruit and more rocky/salty smells and flavors.

My tasting notes include green apple skins, watermelon rind, lemon cucumbers, lemon pound cake and salt block. Descriptors that make go HMMMM Idunno I imagine. Not to worry because these flavors in “Delta White” are softer, not so aggressive. An intriguing, unique wine but not “acquired taste” weird. Medium-high acidity, no oak, rocky/salty finish. Enjoy “Delta White” with white pizzas, grilled oily fish and salad nicoise.

Not all wine is created equal.

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