Starts with beguiling aromas of lavender, cherry coulis, black pepper and deep, darker melon. Peppery, ripe raspberry and cranberry flavors along with roast coffee beans and violets. While Pinot Meunier is known to make a bigger style of Pinot Noir, this is made with more restraint than others. Medium-light bodied, gentle tannins, acidity that engages the palate and elevates the flavors. And it was just bottled…I bet it’s twice the wine this fall.

Grown primarily for sparkling wine (and Champagne in Champagne), Pinot Meunier has proven to stand on its own and make a delicious, interesting still red wine. This established, organic vineyard in Yountville grows “P.M.” amongst myriad grapes, better and less-known.

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KEEP is an up-and-coming, husband & wife made/operated tiny winery based in Napa. They squeeze in the time for their own brand while keeping their day jobs. Jack and Johanna both have wine-making experience past and present (Jack is Assistant Winemaker at Matthiasson Winery) so they make the KEEP wines, and manage their vineyard sources, as a team. The wines are typically 12-mid 13% alcohol, have healthy acidities and minimal sulphur additions. They make myriad intriguing, delicious wines, each laced with an element of mystery (the grape, place, style) that makes wine exciting. I recommend them all.

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