LASSAGNE Julienas 2014
“Vieilles Vignes” 2014

LASSAGNE Julienas 2014

“Vieilles Vignes” 2014
Lassagne Julienas
Retail Price: $26
DDWA Score: 88
Value Rating: 3.4
Very Good Value
Wine Factor: 1
Date Posted: October 5, 2022
Where to Buy:

An earth-driven, savory Cru Beaujolais. Not an unusual style in Beaujolais, but not what the casual wine drinker expects from here or from the Gamay grape in general. Think earthy Pinot Noir right off the bat and you’ll be ready for this delicious, intriguing wine.
Smell and taste hard cherry candies, dry herbs, black tea, soil, red plums and figs. Medium body (full bodied for Gamay) and texture-ific. These “old vines” are in their 50s. Ferment and aging is cement tank and neutral oak.

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