LOUIS CHEZE Saint-Joseph “Ro Ree” 2016
“Ro Ree” 2016

LOUIS CHEZE Saint-Joseph “Ro Ree” 2016

“Ro Ree” 2016
Louis Cheze Saint Joseph Ro Ree
Retail Price: $30
DDWA Score: 91
Value Rating: 3
Very Good Value
Wine Factor: 1
Date Posted: October 7, 2022
Where to Buy: Ask Dan for sources

Textbook style of Northern Rhone Syrah here. Violets and lavender, bright red and blue berries, peppery spice and sun-dried tarragon & thyme. Has the intensity and a bit of wildness while keeping its appeal to a crowded room. It has easy-going tannins, medium high acidity and no oak flavor to speak of. It’s nicely surprising how easy to drink this young Northern Rhone red is. Big fan.

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