Lucy “Pico Blanco” 2021
Monterey County 2021

Lucy “Pico Blanco” 2021

Monterey County 2021
Lucy Pico Blanco
Retail Price: $22
DDWA Score: 90
Value Rating: 4.1
Great Value
Wine Factor: 1
Date Posted: May 5, 2022

I was introduced to Lucy Pico Blanco yesterday. It makes me happy. Maiden 2021 vintage for this 70% Pinot Gris, 30% Pinot Blanc blend. Sporting Alsace qualities, the wine tastes of lots of things including fresh pineapple and ginger, apricots, jasmine and lemons. Alsace like in that it’s neither dry nor sweet with a pleasing creamy texture you may credit to its brief neutral barrel aging.

“Pico Blanco” is a fun little wine from cool, coastal vineyards of Monterey County and produced by the Pisoni family of Santa Lucia Highlands fame. You may know Lucy from its successful Rosé wine.

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