MADELOC Banyuls “Robert Pages”
“Robert Pages” 500 ML

MADELOC Banyuls “Robert Pages”

“Robert Pages” 500 ML
Madeloc Banyuls Robert Pages
Retail Price: $28
DDWA Score: 89
Value Rating: 3.2
Very Good Value
Wine Factor: 1
Date Posted: October 2, 2022
Where to Buy: Contact DDWA for information

Owned and made by the Northern Rhone Valley’s Pierre Gaillard, Domaine Madeloc is his Roussillon (Banyuls and Collioure) brand. The Madeloc Banyuls Robert Pages is 90% Grenache Rouge & 10% Grenache Gris, late harvest, fortified (i.e. a Vin Doux Naturel, or VDN) then aged partially outside, in the elements, in big glass bottles (and part in neutral barrels). Sits lightly in the mouth for a VDN, showing sweet strawberry and raspberry flavors plus white pepper, anise, and chocolate/caramel smells and flavors. This is a great sipper by itself…you will find most will declare this “not too sweet” because of how it’s been aged. Enjoy this with chocolate covered almonds for an outer-body experience.

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