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Jean-Francois MERIEAU Gamay  "Le Bois Jacou"   Touraine 2016

Retail Price: $19

Value Rating: 4.7

Wine Factor: 1
Date Posted: November 29, 2018
Cases Produced:

Scores & Value Ratings Explained

DDWA Score: 89

Awesome Value

I really like this wine for its combination of Gamay-bright berry fruit, rustic character, light body, intensity of flavor and great price. Gamay, while not associated with Touraine (mid-Loire Valley, France) is definitely a “player” in the area, and rightly so. The cool climate, chalk/limestone soils and rich wine history make it a natural. Jean-Francois Merieau makes an honest, delicious, nervy style. Get raspberries, dried red cherries, tarragon, black tea and cola. A natural food wine. That said, I shared a bottle with my wife watching a film, sans food, and we were very happy. Opens up quickly.

Jean-Francois Merieau Gamay “Bois Jacou” is on my “Best of the Best” list of Awesome and Hall of Fame value wines.

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