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March 16, 2018
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MORGAN Chardonnay  "Metallico" Un-Oaked  Monterey 2015

Retail Price: $22

Value Rating: 4

Wine Factor: 1
Date Posted: March 19, 2018
Cases Produced:

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DDWA Score: 87

Great Value

A no-oak, no-butter style of Chardonnay from cool-climate Monterey vineyards. Smell and taste ripe yellow and green fleshed melons, ripe grapefruit, lemon yogurt, crystallized ginger and fresh pears. Bright, fresh and medium-bodied…if anything, for the no-oak, no-butter category it could be more tangy and lighter. That said, the mouth-coating sneaky richness on the 20 second finish is all pleasure.


One of the first to make and market the no oak, no butter style of Chardonnay (they launched Metallico in the early 2000s I believe), Morgan continues to make a it clean and bright while keeping the price very reasonable. Morgan bulls-eyed it with the name “Metallico” as it instinctively takes your mind to a crisp style of Chardonnay. Stating “un-oaked” on the label is message add-on.
Grocery store and big-box store wine-shopping tip: Morgan Winery makes some of the most dependable, high-quality wines in such environs.  Everything they make is at least above-average.


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