Navarro Chardonnay
Navarro Chardonnay 2018
April 17, 2020
Navarro Cluster Select Late Harvest
Navarro Cluster Select Late Harvest Riesling
April 20, 2020
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Navarro Cluster Select Late Harvest Gewurztraminer

Navarro Cluster Select Late Harvest

Awesome dessert wine. Harvested in mid-October with botrytis throughout the clusters. Honeyed pineapple, papaya, mango, heirloom apples, Meyer lemon. Very sweet and perfectly tangy too. May be the best California dessert wine I’ve ever had. I don’t care to fuss with food matches but prefer to drink it by its lonesome. If you do want a match, go for a high quality blue cheese or fried chicken livers.

Navarro also bottles this wine in 750 ML bottles and sell it for $79. I base my value rating and value category on the 375 ML bottle. It’s true that dessert wines take longer to drink than dry wines. The good news is that the sugar is a preservative: Keep the open bottles in the wine and they stay almost as good as Day One for a couple of weeks. 

I equally recommend the Navarro Cluster Select Late Harvest Riesling 2018, which is $4 less for the half bottle at $35. Definitely buy one or more bottles of each and do a comparison tasting. 

Navarro only sells their wine retail winery-direct in California and miniscule distribution outside the state. It is one of the few wineries that I purchase wine from on a consistent basis. Amazing values, top to bottom. Keep an eye out for their periodic 1 cent/case shipping specials, which is currently “on” as I write this on 4/21/20. Read all my Navarro wine reviews here.

This is a DDWA “Awesome Value.” See all my Hall of Fame and Awesome Value wines on my Best of the Best Value list.

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