PRIMA MATERIA Sangiovese 2015
“Kelsey Bench” Lake County 2015

PRIMA MATERIA Sangiovese 2015

“Kelsey Bench” Lake County 2015
Prima Materia Sangiovese
Retail Price: $24
DDWA Score: 89
Value Rating: 3.7
Great Value
Wine Factor: 1
Date Posted: October 4, 2022
Cases Produced: 100
Where to Buy: Contact the winery or

Ripe dark cherry fruits with notes of chocolate, dried green herbs, musk, and smoked tea leaves make this a friendly and crowd-pleasing Sangiovese that is still true to the grape. Fuller-bodied (for Sangiovese) with fine tannins and a rich texture make this a real winner.

Prima Materia’s vineyard is in western Lake County. Volcanic soils, 1500 feet elevation, continental climate (very hot days and cool nights). Not your typical winery operation, I culled the paragraph below from its website (check out the site when you have a moment). As you can tell, owner/winemaker (and talented chef) Pietro Buttitta is an original. The Sangiovese label points to his originality…and every one of the labels is different!

“The alchemical theme of Prima Materia is significant both in the vague sense of food and wine alchemy, or the alchemy of agriculture and growth, but also in the Jungian idea of alchemy being the interaction between between us and the world we are exploring, both internal and external. Alchemy in this sense is the bold-yet-humble pursuit of knowledge through wonder, the natural and the personal, and uncovering hidden essence so that eventually art and craft might one day meet.”

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