Champagne & Sparkling Wine Guide

I’ve tasted a lot of sparkling wine, mostly Champagne, over the last month and have put together a solid list of recommendations for you. 27 top-notch recommendations as of November 5 and growing as I taste and “discover” more Champagnes and sparkling wines I want you to drink.

Read my reviews and you’ll notice I address not only the quality but also the style. Some are dryer, some fruitier, some more austere. I tell you, or at least try to, which style each Champagne is, or what type of Champagne drinker should buy it. In conjunction, I often write something like, “this is the perfect wine for you if you like (blank).” Because, you know, it depends on what you like and what you’re doing with it. For more insight on my Champagne and Sparkling Wine Guide, GO HERE.

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Free wine advice from a former Napa wine shop owner & sommelier