From one of California’s cherished, 100 year old vine, head-pruned, dry-farmed Carignane vineyards in eastern Mendocino (this vineyard is near the town of Hopland). Get brushy dried herbs, cracked black pepper, crushed raspberries, blueberries, lavender. Intense flavors, gentle tannins, perky acidity. As is the case with Carignane, not a complex wine. Luckily, a wine doesn’t have to be complex to be good. And interesting. Enjoy with grilled chicken, pork, red bell peppers and fingerling potatoes.


Subject to Change is a new winery started by four friends: two with a long history in the winemaking and wine sale business. Sourcing organic, if not biodynamic, grapes and ultra-natural winemaking are their M.O., including no sulphur additions, at all. From Day One, they earned their Hipster Wine Club card for all mentioned above and modest alcohols (12% in most cases). I was just introduced to the wines, trying four of them, and like the wines whole a lot.