Cave Dog Napa Valley Red 2016

Cave Dog Red Wine

This blend of 58% Merlot and 42% Cabernet Franc from “Beau Terroir,” a vineyard in southwest Napa Valley, could easily be confused for a high end Right Bank Bordeaux from an exceptional vintage. It’s that good. All the expected Bordeaux descriptions rattle off my typing fingers: tobacco, black currant, blackberry, pencil shavings, cedar and sandalwood. […]

CAVE DOG Napa Valley Red Wine 2015

Cave Dog Napa Valley

58% Merlot, 42% Cabernet Franc, co-ferment, from vineyard in Southwest Napa Valley (edge of Carneros, in fact). An honest-to-goodness Right Bank Bordeaux style, Cave Dog red shows off dark red berry & cherry compote, dry aged beef, soy sauce, lavender, and gently roasted coffee beans. While all the flavors will expand with bottle age, it […]

l’ENCHANTOIR Saumur Puy Notre Dame 2015

l'enchatoir saumur puy notre dame

100% Cabernet Franc growing in chalk and limestone. Organic farming (certified organic as of 2016). This is the real deal in Loire Valley Cabernet Franc. Smell and taste red currants, pomegranate, ruby red grapefruit, white pepper, blueberry, sage and Oolong tea. Has a healthy core of flavor to support the natural high acidity and firm, […]

FRITH “Flanked by Ravens” Napa Valley 2013

Frith Flanked by Ravens

Right Bank Bordeaux-style blend of 60% Cabernet Franc & 40% Merlot, all from a single vineyard in the Carneros “Banana Belt.” This is rich, very strong wine showing a lot of old-world personality. Black currants, dried blueberries sun-dried Provence herbs, cigar box and bittersweet chocolate smells and flavors, all framed by 80% new French oak […]

Noblaie Chinon Rouge Chiens 15

Noblaie Chinon Rouge

Fans of light, bright, crisp, green-tinged red Chinon (Cabernet Franc, Loire Valley) will adore this wine oddly named “Dogs-Dogs” in French. Red plums, ripe cranberries and ruby grapefruit merge with dried green peppecorns and cucumbers. For me, this is the perfect wine to drink at a French country bistro with roast chicken or steak hache […]

FORTUNATI “Fortivo” Napa Valley 2014

Fortunati Fortivo 14

Fortunati Fortivo is a Right Bank-style, Estate red is a blend of 80% Cabernet Franc, 15% Merlot, 5% Malbec. A seductive son of a gun, this wine smells and tastes of blackberry jam, plum sauce, cocoa, cinnamon stick and vanilla. It is plush, rich and full-bodied with fine tannins that sweep only the gums. Anyone […]