Brockmeyer Blanc de Grenache 2020

Brockmeyer Blanc de Grenache

125 year old vine Grenache Noir from a 2 acre plot in Fresno. Pressed off immediately to keep away the color. White pepper spice aroma along with some pear, yellow banana and green tea smells and flavors. A peach pit-like gentle bitterness on the finish. Interesting how the wine starts austere then broadens out when […]

Brockmeyer Grenache 2020

Brockmeyer Grenache

Family vineyard, 2 acre plot of 125 year old vines in Fresno. Picked at low resulting alcohol (under 13%) before the Central Valley heat turned the grapes to raisins. A red wine by winemaking definition, it falls in between red and rose on the appearance, flavor and texture spectrum. Intriguing flavors of hibiscus tea, raspberries, […]