CAMINO Chardonnay “Soberanes” 2016

Camino Chardonnay

Racy lemon and Macintosh apple play kindly with light caramel, toasted brioche and roast hazelnut smells and flavors. Impressively rich and full-flavored and, simultaneously, tangy and sunshine-bright make for a delicious, impressive Chardonnay from Camino Cellars. Tiny production: only 4 barrels made (just one of them new). One of the best under-$50 Chardonnays I’ve had […]

CAMPION Pinot Noir Santa Lucia Highlands 2016

Campion Pinot Noir

As floral, earthy and perfumed as it is fruity, the Campion Pinot Noir Santa Lucia Highlands makes me think of violets, talc, rhubarb, wild red cherries, dark green olives, cedar and light cocoa. I call it lighter & brighter in the spectrum of California Pinot, especially in the Santa Lucia Highlands realm (see below). It’s […]

Warrior Angel Red Central Coast 2016

Warrior Angel Syrah Red Wine

Although it doesn’t say it on the label, this is all Syrah from Monterey County. The Rhone-head that I am, I like its wild red fruits, gamey, black olive, peppery smell and flavor. Pour this for me blind and tell me it’s Crozes-Hermitage and I would have no reason to dispute it. Medium/high acidity, medium […]

CAMINO Chardonnay “Soberanes” 2015

CAMINO Chardonnay Soberanes

All from Monterey’s Santa Lucia Highlands, where the wines are not shy. Camino Chardonnay Soberanes is rich, spicy and complex. Smell and taste lemon custard, apple butter, peach purée, nutmeg and roast coffee. With this richness comes an undercurrent of acidity that levitates the wine. I really like how the nutmeg-y spice and roasted flavors […]