Olivia Brion Pinot Noir Willamette Valley 2016

Olivia Brion Pinot Noir Willamette

Bright, ethereal and snappy, the Olivia Brion Pinot Noir “Sunny Mountain” captures the classic light and intense Pinot Noir style that made Willamette Valley famous. Get bay leaf, raspberries, tarragon, cranberry pastry, ruby grapefruit and a savory, salty finish. This is a Pinot Noir I drink happily on its own – and with a mouthful […]

EVENING LAND Pinot Noir “Seven Springs” 2016

Evening Land Seven Springs Pinot Noir

Deep, wild red cherry plus dried violets and sun-dried thyme introduce you to the Evening Land Pinot Noir Seven Springs. The taste is more pleasure still. Medium, rich body, fine tannins, perfectly ripe fruit and uplifting acidity all play together nicely. A little bit of savory dry-aged beef  (umami) on the long, mostly fruity finish […]

SOTER Brut Rose “Mineral Springs” 2014

Soter Brut Rose

Unquestionably one of the best American sparkling wines made. This is 91% Pinot Noir, 9% Chardonnay from their Estate vineyard in Willamette’s Eola-Amity Hills sub-AVA. Barrel fermented and aged 8 months before 2nd fermentation in bottle. 2 years on its lees before disgorgement in spring 2017. The Soter Brut Rose comes out of the gate […]

ANNE AMIE Műller-Thurgau 2016

Anne Amie Muller Thurgau

Műller-Thurgau, the 2nd most planted grape in Germany, is also grown in neighbor countries, and in spots around the world, like Oregon! I love what Anne Amie does with Műller-Thurgau. Smell and taste fresh green apples, honeysuckle, lemon zest, peach skins, maybe a little tangerine, white pepper and a rocky/earthy character on the finish, giving […]

ANNE AMIE Pinot Noir “Winemaker’s” 2016

Anne Amie Pinot Noir

Generosity and balance are two descriptors that quickly come to mind as I taste the Anne Amie Pinot Noir Winemaker’s Selection. Lots of fruity smells and flavors like wild red cherries, cassis, black figs and strawberries. Beyond the fruit, get crushed thyme, black tea leaves, sassafras and nutmeg. Soft tannins start to finish, medium acidity, […]

ANNE AMIE Dry Riesling 2014

Anne Amie Dry Riesling

Top 10 best American Dry Rieslings I’ve ever had. the Anne Amie is full of red & green apple, dried lemon peels, dried and crushed herbs, lemon tea, river rocks and petrol smells and flavors. Authentic and delicious. There are nearly infinite food pairings with the Anne Amie Dry Riesling, yet my mind goes to […]

LINGUA FRANCA Pinot Noir “Avni” 2016

Lingua Franca Pinot Noir Avni

Dark wild cherries, dried red rose petals, mincemeat and truffle introduce you to this “entry level” Pinot Noir from Master Sommelier-turned-vintner Larry Stone. The taste continues on the flavors above along with dark plums and a background earthy/rocky flavor that defines its Pinot Noir-ness. Excellent balance of ripe fruit, invigorating acidity and mouth-filling texture. Drinking […]

LINGUA FRANCA Chardonnay “Bunker Hill” 2016

Lingua Franca Chardonnay Bunker Hill

Bright, rich and substantial. Smell and taste lemon-honey, Macintosh apples, grapefruit, lime, pineapple, fresh pie crust and hazelnut. The crisp citrus and orchard fruits burst out in the mouth along with bits of buttercream, brine and chalk. This is intense and full-bodied while at the same time being impressively “fit.” While giving due respects to […]

Maison l’ENVOYE Pinot Noir “Two Messengers” Willamette Valley 2016

Maison l'Envoye Pinot Noir

Fruit comes first, spice flowers and earth come after in this generous, dark red berry/cherry flavored, just-plain-good Oregon Pinot Noir. Backing up the fruit are smells and flavors of red roses, violets, allspice and toasty barrel (all quite subtle). Perfect ripeness in my opinion so the fruit shines, yet avoiding raisin or jam flavors. Medium/full […]

ANNE AMIE Pinot Noir “Two Estates” Willamette Valley 2014

Anne Amie Pinot Noir

A pleasantly ripe core of red wild cherries and red currants, combined with classic Willamette Valley “femininity” and bright acidity, make this Pinot a real standout at $25. Nose of fresh, ripe cherry, orange tea and watermelon continues on to the taste, adding coriander and currants. All is well and good at this point, then […]