December 9, 2017
wilson foreigner valdiguie


Second vintage for this tiny Napa winery owned/made by two families (see below for details). The grapes are from David & Christine Wilson’s family vineyard, “Rancho Chimiles,” Wooden Valley, southeast Napa’s Valley. A popular grape to grow in Napa in the 20th century, this 2 acre plot of Valdiguie is some of the last standing in Napa. 45 year old vines. Comparable to Pinot Noir in body and texture but with a more wild berry/cherry, coriander and herbal tea flavor. This has a jump-from-the-glass nose of cranberry sauce, plum jam and tea. Taste raspberries, more plums, pomegranate and Asian spice. […]
October 26, 2017

CERRO Petit Verdot 13

Single vineyard, Valley floor Rutherford 100% Petit Verdot. Typically blended into Cabernet Sauvignon to add structure, this “P.V.” is indeed big, but not AS big as one might expect from the grape and the vintage. This is a good thing as a little less power allows more layers of flavor to emerge. Vanilla and toast from the barrel jump out at first, then the dark red cherries and plums take over. Cocoa, rare red meat and allspice peak in on the 20 second finish. In my wine merchant days, this was my favorite Napa Valley “alternative” big red to recommend. […]
October 26, 2017
Moffett Cabernet Sauvignon

MOFFETT VINEYARDS Cabernet Reserve 14

If you’re into Napa Cabernets and on the look-out for the rare and less-discovered, here’s one for you to get. 100% Cabernet Sauvignon from a vinyeard in St Helena. It is very full-bodied, rich and packed full of deep Napa Cab flavors: black cherry liqueur, dark chocolate, boysenberries, roasted wild herbs and plenty of sweet toasted oak (3 barrels made, all new). While many of the nicest 2013 vintage Napa Cabs are quite tight these days, the Moffett Reserve is supple and generous. If this is in your budget, definitely get some.