December 4, 2017
Localism Kerner

LOCALISM Kerner 16

Tiny Napa producer Localism sources Kerner grapes from Mokelumne River, a sub AVA of Lodi, and the only California vineyard that grows Kerner commercially. Kerner: think Riesling with a little less acidity (but still acidic) and a little more floral (like Viognier, but not LIKE Viognier). I recently enjoyed this wine at a local tasting so much I bought some for my house. Smell and taste Meyer lemon, kiwi, lime-ade, lemongrass. It sits lightly on the palate but doesn’t fade away. Refreshing and intense, this is a wine I’m sure will stand out for its uniqueness and tastiness. 10% Riesling […]